Broadcast and Professional Cameras


HITACHI is manufacturing its 4th generation Super Hi-Vision (8K) camera system in cooperation with NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories. SHV production will develop concurrently with 4K imaging technology. The Single CMOS Super 35mm sensor will simultaneously output 8K, 4K/UHD, 1080p, 1080i and 720p.


HITACHI’s NEW SK-UHD4000 employs standard, 2/3-inch, bayonet-mount Broadcast Television Lenses which are well known as the standard in Studio and Outside Broadcast applications. The camera not only offers a pristine 4K image today but, also the best 2K, progressive images attainable with modern digital technology. It is a complete camera system that improves your current HDTV image while realizing your high-end productions in 4K.


HITACHI’s new SK-HD1800 is full HD progressive scan throughout the entire camera chain. Utilizing HITACHI’s new generation 2/3” CMOS Global Shutter image sensors, it easily adapts to a wide range of difficult LED lighting conditions and large LED displays.


The NEW SK-HD1300-HS is designed for sports-oriented High Frame Rate (HFR) capture that provides up to 180 frames per second for slow-motion replay and is compatible with popular slow-motion servers. It also operates as a multi-format normal frame-rate camera.


The SK-HD1300 is Hitachi’s top-of-the-line progressive scan HD Studio and EFP camera. Outstanding images are acquired by three 2/3” 2.3 megapixel progressive scan MOS imagers. Hitachi’s implementation of the most advanced digital processing technology provides low-noise and high dynamic range pictures.


Top-of-the-line, 3Gbps throughout, Native 1080/60p, Multi-Standard, HDTV Studio/ Field color portable camera. Dockable 2-piece chassis allows for flexible configurations. Incorporates the latest Hitachi digital technology. Hand-held companion to the SK-HD2200.


Native 1080/60i, Multi-application, HDTV Studio/ Field production camera. Dockable 2-piece chassis allows multiple configurations. Available with Fully Digital Triax system or Hybrid fiber cable. Excellent image reproduction and performance.


The Z-HD6000 HDTV studio camera features 2.6 million pixel, 2/3-inch, 1920x1080 raster MOS RGB sensors. The Z-HD6000 raises the bar on picture quality and improved OPEX for studio environments. The Z-HD6000 camera head provides extra power, communication channels, and other built-in features not typically found in cameras of this class.


The new Z-HD5500 is a full HD progressive scan production and studio camera system. Utilizing HITACHI’s new generation 2/3” CMOS image sensors, it easily adapts to a wide range of difficult LED lighting conditions. The Z-HD5500 camera system is capable of High Dynamic Range and it retains all the popular functions and features of the existing camera line.


High-performance, cost-effective HDTV studio Field Production camera. Available with Digital Triax and Fiber-optic cable configurations. 2/3-in CCDs & professional, fully integrated features.


The New DK-H200 is a high-performance HDTV camera. It is the box camera equivalent of the SK-HD1300. With 2.6 million pixels, native 1080p and 3-MOS imagers, the DK-H200 provides outstanding performance. With selectable High Dynamic Range profiles, the camera offers sharper and more detailed images. Using progressive signal flow and Hitachi’s implementation of the latest digital processing technology it achieves outstanding sensitivity, resolution and faithful color reproduction. It’s also ideal for graphic stands, point of view and remote observation applications.


  • 1080/60i Top-of-the-line multi-purpose HDTV camera.
  • Complements SK-HD200/ SK-HD1000 HDTV production Cameras.
  • Simultaneous HD and SD SDI outputs. RJ45 IP-ready network control.
  • High-performance, high sensitivity 2/3-inch, IT-CCDs.
  • The ultimate camera for your demanding imaging applications & HDTV remote capture of images having the utmost quality.


  • Economical multi-purpose HDTV camera.
  • Complements Z-HD5000 HDTV production cameras.
  • Simultaneous HD and SD SDI outputs. RJ45 IP-ready network control.
  • High-performance 2/3-inch, IT-CCDs provide excellent picture quality.
  • Practical camera for high-quality P.O.V. camera applications.


  • Advanced, compact, self-contained, 3-CMOS, economical, digital processing HDTV color camera.
  • Employs 1/3-inch IT HDTV CCDs providing over
  • Three MOS Color
  • 3x 1/3” Format 1.3 Megapixel MOS Imagers
  • Selectable HD or SD
  • HD-SDI or SDI and Analog Component Outputs
  • Selectable Shutter and ALC Mode
  • Adjustable Sharpness and Knee Levels
  • 6 Vector Color Corrector
  • DynaChroma and High Chroma Modes
  • 4 Scene Files



  • Full HD (HD-SDI) for Industrial Use
  • 2.1 mega pixel RGB Beyer
  • MOS sensor external event trigger for machine vision use
  • C / CS Lens Mount
  • 1080i 59.94 / 50
  • 1080P 30 / 25
  • 0.3 lux Minimum Sensitivity
  • AGC, AES, and BLC Modes
  • RS-232C Remote Control